Fading in

Things on my plate for Friday include recording a new mix for Mixcloud, and working on business cards (MP3J Sark).

Taking advantage of the lull to clean up the Ground Control song database. With the help of a friend, I booked an incredibly awesome Ground Control Karaoke gig at a convention to be named soon. With the help of another friend, I'll be scouting a potential spot in Hollywood for a Thursday night karaoke party (which I already have a name for, if it happens). ;-)

More to follow, bedtime for now.

Steel Angel - BM'08

Be afraid or be prepared

Reports from advance teams coming in over the last week indicate very loose dust pack and high winds. The usual panic is taking place among Burners. For me, at the end of the day, it's not that big a deal. Honestly, the only thing I fear from our trip is getting flooded out.

Stop worrying. Just pack your gear sensibly, and mentally prepare yourself for lots of dust. Also, don't get stuck in any frame of mind until you get there. The weather could / has / probably will change dramatically by the time you're ready to head out.

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Steel Angel - BM'08

Google Voice without SIM card

As some of you may know, I monkey around quite a bit with old Android phones. I have a few T-Mobile G1 (aka HTC Dream) phones that friends have given me after they've upgraded, as well as one of my own. The G1 was my first Android phone, and thanks to rooting, I wasn't hard-pressed to upgrade for several years. I just hadn't seen new phones that could do things my old phone couldn't.

I finally upgraded to an LG G2X, which I also love. But the G1 is still incredibly viable. And with the double-sized battery I got two years ago, I can turn on every single feature and still have battery power for two days at a time, even with aggressive data use.

Today, I decided to make my old phone a phone again, instead of just a wireless terminal. :-P

My G1 has been rooted. This allows me to unlock my phone without needing a SIM card or active mobile phone account associated with it. I can then turn on WiFi and have full connectivity with my phone.

I configured Google Voice for use with an email account I use for developing apps. I picked a phone number that would be local to me, and pointed it to my home phone line number. Once I got Voice up and running on my phone, I logged in using my PC's browser, and switched the receiving phone from my home number to Google Talk. Now when someone calls the number, the phone call rings through to my Google Talk client on my phone. Or at least it's supposed to. It didn't seem to want to, though.

Next, I installed Groove IP, a voice-over-IP application. It's in the Android Market / Google Play, and it's free. Once I gave it my GMail account log-in, it connected flawlessly. As long as I'm in range of connectable WiFi, I can make or receive calls, and send or receive SMS messages. Domestic U.S. calls are free. There's a slight delay in signal, but it's easily manageable.


Oh, look: a blog.

Been a while.

Lots happening right now. Ground Control: Phase One has been completed. The last night was pretty fantastic. I'm enjoying my downtime right now, and getting my plot and scheme on. New hardware and software have been acquired. Discussions with venues have commenced. And there's some pretty big special events in the works.

Closing GC at the Catch One has been something of a relief. Since the last night, I've been going down to the club almost weekly, and getting a ton of lighting work done. A casual conversation with Jewel in passing turned into having the Memorial Day GC anniversary party back at the Catch One for one night only. We're both pretty excited about it.

I'm amused by the gossip going around that GC was "thrown out" of the Catch One. This couldn't be further from the truth, but some people are so caught up in their own ego and delusion that you'll never convince them otherwise. So I don't try. Jewel and I had a good chuckle over it.

So, I'm looking at GC2.0 now. Got a few offers, and one looks pretty good. And I think the return of STRAYLIGHT is looming on the horizon as well. Roberto has the last few ducks to get in a row, and then a hard-rockin' metal karaoke night might be in order to get that fire burning. Wednesdays are looking like the most likely night for it.

So I got that going for me. Which is nice.

Steel Angel - BM'08

Unintentionally lazy Sunday

Heather, 'Drew and I had a nice morning. We had a spontaneous breakfast date with a friend who came down from the Bay area. Vegan breakfast, it turned out surprisingly satisfying.

I nodded off on the couch watching 'Drew play video games. I think I'm having some sort of allergic reaction. Might have been the coffee. Coffee has been leaving me feeling sick lately.

In other news, the most recent mobile version of the LJ site is a marked improvement.

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Way too early

Before I forget: mycroftca , here is the link to the LotR book I was telling you about at Chaim's birthday lunch.

Came down with some sort of bug on Thursday. It started out as a post-nasal drip-incited sore throat / swollen tonsil. Over 24 hours, it turned into nasal congestion, light fever and joint ache. As of yesterday morning, the p.n.d. turned into extremely thick bronchial congestion. Not a lot of it, but what is there is really sturdy.

Delirium set in around noon, and got progressively worse throughout the day. Last night was a rather entertaining hallucinatory experience brought on by fever and very little, low-quality sleep.

Nodded off repeatedly on the couch so as not to ruin brokenheather 's sleep. Lots of coughing, sniffling. I felt like a Nyquil commercial. Finally crawled into bed at about 4am, and woke up at about 6:30am. I feel much better for it, so I think I hit a very deep sleep. This morning finds me not quite so loopy. Had a very strange craving for Android programming though, so I've spent the last few hours fixing the SDK issues I've been having. (In a nutshell, I installed a package that was too new for what I was programming in.)

I won't get to see my son or family for Father's Day, and that's okay. I talk to everyone regularly, and I can reschedule for something during the week. I'm sentimental for the holidays, but not beholden to dates. :-P
Steel Angel - BM'08


Slowly remembering how to write more than a few words at a time. :-P

Things are good. I hurt my back working out the other day, but I'm still motivated to work out. I got to DJ the Lazmas Climax party with Amanda Jones, and we had fun. The Bunnywarez crew are in town, and coming to the Pajama Party at Ground Control tonight. Heather hasn't reconsidered my wedding proposal (yet).

Not too shabby.
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Oh yeah

Forgot I had this thing.

Seriously, Facebook is pretty much the main networking medium for me these days. I have to remind myself to poke my head in here and try to catch up with friends not on FB. And I couldn't even tell you the last time I logged into Myspace.

Things are good.

1) Got engaged. Popped the question the Monday before the Monday before Christmas. She said "yes", so I got *that* going for me. Which is nice.

2) Somehow managed to get Ground Control "on the map". Seriously, after about 6 years, for no particular reason I can see, we just started having great attendance for GC. I'm not complaining.

3) Pulled Theory Radio out of mothballs.
We had some issues a while back, and the station was down for a long time. I got the legal issues squared away, and reinstated our presence on Loudcity, so we're legal now. We don't have a 24/7 broadcast yet, but I'm working on that too.

Other than that, nothing too epic.
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